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There are many forms of Love

February 14, Valentines day, a day to pay extra attention to loved ones. While historically, this day has nothing to do with what it means nowadays, driven by commerce February is often referred to as the month of Love.

Kicking off this month of Love

Every year I too publish at least one article in February around the topic Love. Not for commercial reasons, for a genuine care for all Beautiful Souls on our world. This year, I aim to create several posts from a different perspective. Since, I believe, there are many forms of Love. Not just the Love between two people in a relationship.

The world surely can use a whole lot of more Love. We could start by asking just anyone: “How’s the heart?” I am kicking off this month of Love with a verse out of a beautiful song, which I shared last year: 

How’s the heart
Underneath the silence?
How’s the one
Drowning in the mire?
Let us sound a human paean
Come in, the fire’s warm
Burn the rope and dance some more

I sincerely hope you feel welcome, here @ my virtual home. And in case you like to Connect as much as I do, don’t hesitate to share in the comments below: How’s your heart these days?

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Inspire each other...

4 Responses

  1. Mika has created an entire album about love once (The Origin Of Love), from all kinds of perspectives. The romantic kind, love for your parents/children/siblings/others etc. This post reminds me of that. As for me, with all my meditating and Law Of Attraction-activities I’ve been doing lately, I’ve come to conclude that Love is one of the Top 3 emotions, right in between Trust and Gratitude. We cannot go without it, in whatever form we receive it: we all need love.

  2. Where would we be without love 🙂 Thank you for the love in connecting… and keep on doing that xx

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