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Other Beautiful Post – by Rosalie

Half a century plus one year on this earth. Simultaneously disturbing and exciting. On this special day for me personally, I am sharing an ‘Other Beautiful Post’ which includes a music video, a reaction to it by Rosalie and her very important message…

Personal thoughts

For the past couple of weeks, no, months, I’ve been struggling. The loss of another furry friend, worries about beloved ones, a big scare (also) health-wise regarding a very close to heart Beautiful Soul and the knowledge I would turn fifty-one today… Half a century plus one year on this earth is simultaneously disturbing and exciting.

Reflecting upon the life I had this far, being once again confronted with the fact life is finite and you never know for certain how much time you have left, hence, the thought turning fifty-one being simultaneously disturbing and exciting. The latter, because I am still here, able to fulfill many more dreams. 

Which brings me to my choice to share a video created by Rosalie from Rosalie Reacts. March 21 of this year, I shared a music video from Ren, which made a huge impact on me (and many others). We all struggle at times, have conflicting thoughts in our mind. Some of us become depri, some of us depressed. Mental health issues can arise, even to a point we no longer think we’re worthy, lose our purpose and (start to) belief there is no way out of the darkness.

Ren, amazingly creative as he is and a true Beautiful Soul, captured that all perfectly in his song ‘Hi Ren‘. A few days ago, he dropped another gem, titled ‘Suic!de’. Rosalie also watched the video, reacted to it and this Beautiful Souls’ analysis including a very important message for all currently going through tough times, is what I would like you to view and listen to.

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Ren (You Tube)
Rosalie (You Tube)

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4 Responses

  1. I have struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts when I was younger, and even now sometimes I’d think maybe everything would be easier if I was gone (on very bad days, this is my go-to horrible thought). Yesterday I had a wonderful meditation session and my therapist made me bow my head to Life and made me say: “I am gratfeul for Life, that I can be a part of it. I thank my parents for gifting me this enormous gift. And I appreciate myself for accepting it.” Life is finite. Love isn’t. I hope you and your loved ones will be okay, Patty. Take care of yourself.

    1. Hi dear Samantha,
      Thank you for your continuous support and even more for your comment. Openly sharing your humanity is to me true Connection.
      More often than not, people don’t want to die, they (temporarily) don’t know how to live, how to move forward, due to their current situation, environment and/or emotions.
      So, I’m glad you also told about speaking to a therapist. A listening ear is what we all need at times. Big hug to you! XxX

  2. So sad and depression has been on the rise due to COVID.
    Sorry to hear about your furry friend – it’s always so hard losing a furry companion.
    You celebrated your 51st birthday also?

    1. Hi dear Nilla,
      Thank you for visiting again : -) and thank you for your compassion. Indeed always hard to lose another friend.
      Yes, 51…time really does fly!
      I think due to COVID we learned the value of online connection even more. I just read an article from a psychologist, that solid online friendships can be made. And personally, I believe online connections can be helpful in decreasing mental health issues too.
      Sending a hug to down under…. XxX

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