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When cultural differences disappear and Beautiful Souls connect

Usually, I don’t watch a lot of programs on television which are sport related. A big admirer of Roger Federer, tennis-player and living legend, and when I remember he is playing in one of the four big ATP tournaments, I try to watch. Also soccer I don’t watch regularly. The European Championship or World Championship, when I feel like watching. Last night I watched how the soccer-team of France became World Champion for the second time in history. A marvelous achievement for any athlete trying to reach the top of the game they trained hard for, for many years.

What strikes me the most, watching neighbors play together, is how cultural differences disappear. Athletes, trainers, managers, supporters, sport-fans and even presidents seem to forget their daily disputes and connect as the Beautiful Souls they all are.

Of course I was happy for  the team of France; may the best athlete(s) win! Watching the President of France and Croatia walk hand in hand together on to the field to congratulate both playing teams, my heart jumped even more.

A few weeks ago I posted this soul scribble:

Wimbledon 2018 and the World Championship soccer 2018 are over and while some of our neighbors are still celebrating today, others are grieving about losing, I hope all of us take the feeling of togetherness as an inspiration with us and implement it in our daily life.

Regardless which team or soloist you feel like supporting and if the saying ‘Life is just a game’ is true, well… Let’s play forever! Because:

When Beautiful Souls Connect, wonderful happenings do arise and our Dreampack will thrive.

Inspire each other...

Let's Connect !

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Although I encourage you to Connect to Life, Others and Yourself, it is impossible to Connect to all and everyone. 
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