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When you need to get rid of others out of your soul

Opinions. Belief-systems. Values. Norms. Cultures. We all have them, or are part of them. Readers who have been following me for a while, know I have specific ones. The older I get, the more I study and read to gain knowledge about belief-systems and the opinions, values, norms, cultures of my neighbors. To me knowledge can increase kindness and I always try to be open-minded. In addition, taking the wisdom of the past with me into the future, trying to not make the mistakes of our ancestors.

Recently, a few of my own beliefs have been challenged. When that happens, I tend to withdraw from our Dreampack and you might have noticed, I didn’t post for a few days.

One of my grandfathers taught us, you have a mouth to ask. ‘No’ you have, ‘Yes’ you can get. Thus, also answers to my questions. Studying, reading, asking… can all contribute to a better understanding of topics, views, belief-systems. So I did, these last couple of days.

Rational, my head knows I cannot please all my neighbors. We are all unique Beautiful Souls (alright, maybe not all of us, but still the majority are!) and we have a right to our own views, perspectives, thoughts and emotions. I also know, I am not being irrational sticking to my unique beliefs, as long as I don’t intentionally harm anyone.

Nobody can choose for you, for me, where we stand for. As soon as you feel you can’t stay true to your own core, by having to compromise too much of your unique being, I think it is time to get rid of others not just out of your head, but out of your soul.

With this out of my system, until the next challenge, I will continue to be me 😉


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  1. I had a similar discussion with a client today: is it even possible to be anyone else but you? We decided the answer was: “Not if you want to be happy.”

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