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We humans created weird labels and customs

We humans created weird labels and customs. Structure and habits can be good and yes, often, certain terms create clarity. However, there are those we use and do, that seem strange to me. 

Weird labels

Labels can not only be weird, but also hurtful. I wrote about it before: we evolved different from other animals, it doesn’t mean we are superior to them and thus, they are minor to us. Thinking about the term ‘minority’, we started to use it to label human beings. Women, Afro-Americans, homosexuals, Transgenders, (visual) disabled people…and these are just a few labels applied to groups of our neighbors who fall under one or more of these terms. Of course, I do understand its intended for clarification. At the same time ‘minority’ sounds pretty negative to me.   

Strange customs

Not sure it happens everywhere in our world, while passing each other on the street, expecting the answer to the question ‘how are you’ to be ‘good, thank you’. Similarly, we say ‘let’s stay connected’ while actually we mean ‘thank you for the connection, have a wonderful life’ and then go forward on our own paths. And what about traditions we cling to, knowing they are not good for our environment. Firework comes to mind…

Root Cause -> Solution

I regularly do research, or reflect, in an attempt to find the root cause of an issue, habit or belief-system. In the hope to find a solution to decrease disconnection. We ourselves, as human beings, keep using weird labels and customs and thus also hurtful practices alive.

You know I love to connect, so tell me: what are your thoughts about such kinds of labels and customs?

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3 Responses

  1. It certainly is curious how we adopt cultural queries and habitual expected responses isn’t it? I don’t know why we create superficial connections like the how are you questions that we aren’t actually prepared to hear honest meaningful answers to. I think it would be more authentic to greet people without a question, or actually ask a more meaningful question that doesn’t lend itself to a rote answer. I’m always on the lookout for those, and one I heard lately that I really like is “What new ideas are giving you energy lately?” Is that a great one? I’d certainly like hearing people’s honest answer on that one, rather than a probably-not-true “fine,”

    1. That is absolutely a great question to ask! Thank you for connecting again, dear Deborah and sharing your wisdom. Highly appreciated. XxX

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