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My Personal World – Update Feb 2020

The last update I created regarding my Personal World dates back to December 2019. The holidays were around the corner and now, Spring is. Time for a few highlights of the first two months of this year so far 😉

Expanding knowledge

Although we already had days with springlike weather, most of the times it isn’t pleasant to be outside. Perfect time to finish studies I’ve begun and so I did. A Stress & Anxiety Management Course, a short one created by Elmira Strange, I completed about two weeks ago. Last year, I also started the course Justice on edX, however, due to more important priorities I had to unroll. Very excited I was able to enroll again earlier this month and so far it is literally mind blowing study material. This is what I will learn:

  • The fundamentals of political philosophy
  • An understanding of social justice and criminal justice, and the roles they play in the modern justice system
  • A deeper sense of the philosophy that underlies modern issues such as affirmative action, same sex marriage, and equality
  • The ability to better articulate and evaluate philosophical arguments and ask philosophical questions

Connecting with my neighbors is so much fun and exchanging  perspectives with peers is for sure very interesting 🙂

Our furry friend

Since October we have been enjoying our new furry friend, Danja, and she finally starts to feel at home. Resulting in more naughty behavior, however, overall a sweet beautiful soul. Last week, she had minor surgery (sterilization) from which she’s recovering very well. Of course, taking care of her goes above blogging. Hence, I wasn’t around much last week. This is what we did a lot:

Patty en Danja

Upcoming weekend the stitches may be removed. Fortunately, due to new surgical techniques, she is allowed to do everything except swimming. We have a dog-night suit to prevent her from biting and licking the two small wounds and that makes our life a lot easier. For Danja too; no need for a big plastic head-thing. People with dogs know how terrible those are 😉

Other stuff

As mentioned, spring is around the corner and I did start clean up in the garden and our courtyard. This week, I intend to start sowing indoors again. In addition, I have many topics I would like to write about. Last but absolutely not least: my hubby will start, officially next week, a new function and I am so proud of him. It’s a move up, with again more responsibilities. I am certain he will fulfill this job amazingly effective. He is one of my most consistent readers; my dear rock, again congratulations !!!

I hope you all, my dear readers, are thriving too. Embracing life, positives and negatives, to the fullest. 

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