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From words into wars of the worlds…

Ever since I heard this sentence in a Nightwish song, it has been lingering in my mind. Throughout history, religion and politics have been a major cause of battles between people. Still is. These days, the choice of lifestyle is another reason for turning words into wars of the worlds…

Since the discovery of the vulnerable state of Earth, our habitat, there have been many arguments regarding the cause of it. Fortunately, we evolved enough to realize we humans are responsible. Our current modern techniques revealed the damages done and only those who are addicted to conspiracy theories deny our influence.

Unfortunately, simultaneously, and very human, many of us panicked. Farmers need to downsize drastically, houses can’t be built the way we used to, meat has become an evil product, burning wood is dangerous, travelling by plane or car is a malicious way to move around our, still, beautiful globe.

Scientific data cannot be denied, the interpretation, however, is still made by humans. Humans are not perfect; apparently it is easier in our panic state to keep debating about the right way, completely forgetting the scientific revelations all together.

Lots of time and money is spent protesting, arguing and even literally fighting over what the best solutions are to turn our predicted extinction around. Everything we have built up as a species has to either change drastically, or demolished. At all cost.

There seems to be no more room for individuality on a cultural or personal level. Traditions have become irrelevant, heads of societies can no longer be trusted, technical expertise wasted, every lifestyle choice has to be argued to death.

While I don’t have all the answers either, I do believe the current ways we try to tackle our global predicament is even more damaging. Disputing scientific data, distrusting everything around us, pressuring one and another to abandon our uniqueness… Will probably never forget that sentence again:

From words into wars of the worlds.

Nightwish song referred to: Weak Fantasy.

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