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Let’s not monetize, if it is not necessary

The moment I move back to The Netherlands, I will start up my own business. That was always my plan. And I still didn’t make the step. All the laws and other rules applicable to implement are a hassle for sure, however not the main reason I decided not to create a business after all. Let’s not monetize, if it is not necessary.


All I hear around me is the need for change. We want equality in gender, racial, economical. We want transparency and honesty politically. We want the rich and famous to pay for all. We want to know everything and the system is corrupt. Equality, freedom and access to all. Yes?

We have created a world in which you can no longer have access to anything without cash. Within a decade, maybe two, there will even be only digital forms of money. A home, clothes, food and with the increase of the impact we have on the climate I think even on rainwater a price will be put. In a way, the latter is already done since we have to pay for clean water out of the tap via taxes. At least, here in The Netherlands.

However, what worries me equally as much: access to education and health care has been monetized too. In many countries around the world, you either have to work hard to even be able to buy healthy food and/or you have to pay taxes and/or insurance fees. Which makes it impossible to go to school or a health caregiver. And don’t get me even started on the religious reason for the unobtainable accessibility. Equality, freedom and access to all. Yes?

Why, then I ask, do we keep monetizing everything?

The Change

History shows that violence can bring about change. We seem to keep forgetting always at a great cost (worse than the money spent on it) and not always in the direction hoped for. History has also shown peaceful demonstration, becoming aware and take responsibility for our own life can achieve change too. I don’t know about you, but I prefer the peaceful way.

Rooting for change can be done in many ways. Back to my decision not to start up a business. While I kept telling myself it to be too much of a hassle to do so, the real reason being not feeling comfortable to monetize meaningful Connection. Financially, I created a personal world, together with my husband, we don’t need the extra income. 

Those who can afford it, yes please, do take that advantage and broaden your knowledge via a paid course, membership, etc. Go on donating, creating foundations, etc. Those who do need the (extra) income, keep doing good… every job is meaningful. And by all means, seek professional help when needed! Regardless your financial state.

Fortunately, in the field of coaching and other skilled help there are many options available. Free of charge and for a fee. As said, being in a position I no longer need to monetize my services and for sure not meaningful Connecting, hence, the decision to keep providing tips and tools the way I have been doing for many years.

The change I’m looking for, starts with me.

Let's Connect

Life can be harsh and we all struggle at times. Finding the lifestyle suitable to our uniqueness can be a challenge. That is why I love to Connect for the purpose of exchanging knowledge, experiences and perspectives. On- and offline. We can learn so much from each other and such Connection should be (and stay) free of charge in my opinion.

Thank you to those continuously supporting me, here @ my virtual home. A home I hope all feel welcome and free to Connect. Sharing knowledge, perspectives, experiences to help each other build meaningful Connections off- and online.

Let’s not monetize, if it is not necessary.

Inspire each other...

3 Responses

  1. Patty, this is a very profound topic. It seems we are on the path to e-currency. I don’t see the “evil” of this that others do, but I like physical cash all the same. There is something about being able to look at it, to handle it, to use it. I have the same feelings regarding stamps.

    Should everything be monetised? No, I agree, it should not. Many years ago, as an undergraduate, one unit I took was economic anthropology – a very, dry and dusty subject, but something I did well at. No idea why either. However, we looked at the five things that money does e.g. it’s a medium of exchange, a store of value or wealth and so on. This gave me a different perspective – I have always been interested in the history regarding money too.

    There is definitely one world wide trend that causes a skewed view on how we all see the world. To my mind, it is the amount of information thrown at us. It’s a huge distraction and often paints a picture or narrative we “buy” into. When we step back from the information vortex, something happens. We start to be at peace with ourselves and enjoy the more tangible things around us.

    It’s become so easy for many to blame others or fail to accept responsibility.

    This subject is of great interest to me. I haven’t watched the news for many years. There was a time I couldn’t get enough of it. It was the same with talk back radio. Every now and then I tune in, only to find the news and talkback keeps covering the same subjects or stories. It’s then I realise I’m not out of touch as a result, afterall I work in a space where I need to be up to date with what’s around me and somehow I achieve this. It’s almost like it’s through osmosis.

    I could write so much more, as I’m only scratching the surface here. I still believe we will come out the other side quite okay, regardless of some of the silly things that are happening around the world. I’m relatively happy I have the chance to keep chipping away and tweaking my little piece of it all.

    So, it’s the same old story: we need to disconnect, to connect. We need to get back to doing things for each other that aren’t monetised. I think that’s one of the reasons I enjoy living and working in the countryside as much as I can. Community still exists there.

    1. Indeed, dear Sean. We often need to disconnect to connect. Also, I do not believe money is ‘evil’, just as with many matters… it’s humans who ‘make it evil’.
      Ha, I did move to rural environment to be able to choose to connect or not. Although I must admit, the knowledge I could lean on the one nearby neighbors if needed is a good feeling.
      Thank you for your thoughtful response!

Let's Connect !

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