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Other Beautiful Posts by Deborah, John, Jason, David and Joan

Today WordPress informed me I’ve got some new followers again. Excited as any blogger would be, at the same time at bit anxious. For me the amount of followers means that people like what I do, and if you follow me for a while, you already know; acknowledgement is important to me. So, yes, thrilled to notice that ‘plus’ sign again.

Why anxious? Because connecting with and acknowledging my blogging-colleagues is for me even more important and one of the main reasons, I blog in the first place. I aim to return the interest showed for my blog, but it’s hard to keep up with every follower. I think a lot of the bloggers out there can resonate with this.
My strategy to increase the number of connections (the amount of comments in my own stats are heart-warming) is to keep visiting the Beautiful Souls already on my reading list, but unable to follow everyone (yet, and sadly most likely never will catch up) I add at least one new follower to my reading list per week and one of the ‘older’ followers to re-connect.
Not having the time to always comment, or sometimes just don’t know how to respond, but if I click ‘like’, you can be sure that I’ve read your post and did like it 😉

Another way to acknowledge the Beautiful Souls I find around the WordPress-tribe is to share Other Beautiful Posts. Did you know by the way, that WordPress takes up 28% of the Internet? In case you wonder, if you could impact, impress, influence via WP. You can, but to me, reaching out and connecting with Beautiful Souls out there and create a peaceful big Dreampack together, could be so significant and, again in my opinion, much more meaningful.

Anyway…let’s get to this weeks Other Beautiful Posts !

I forgot to write something for and about International Day of Peace. Fortunately, I started to follow Deborah regularly again and I hope you will read her uplifting, inspiring article: Let There Be Peace (click)

Jason of Harsh Reality wrote a thought-provoking, authentic piece, which could be, if interpreted right also be a Boost for the Soul: Hoping to Die (click)

Just last week John and I connected for the first time and surfing around his website, I came across this fantastic article: How Best To Define “Youth” (click)

David and I connect at least at a weekly base for, ah I can’t remember, a year?,  and if you need someone to stimulate and support you to (start to) exercise (at the right way), he is your man 😉 Inspiring Quotes can be found at his website too…Start moving: HERE

Today, however, Joan found my ‘A way of life and more‘ article, liked it (thanks!) and decided to follow me (thanks again!). As always, I hop over to the websites/blogs of new followers, read the about page (if it exists), one or a few more articles. and if I enjoy what I see, I hit the like and follow button too. (Did you follow me recently and I didn’t return the favor, could be I just didn’t get to it yet 😉  ) Joan’s site is also about fitness and healthy exercise, worthwhile to look into, too 🙂 Hop over HERE (click).

I hope you will get inspired and your Beautiful Soul boosted too by this weeks picks.

And this is why I do all this (also to be found on my Beautiful Souls page):

…Stars glow bright,
spreading dust at night,
hope and faith start to grow,
therefore I feel, I know,
when souls do connect,
love can, no…will reflect,
the beauty inside us all,
and just one step, even small,
to reach out to each other,
will help our globe recover

Inspire each other...

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  1. Patty, first congratulations on some new followers and second….are you on Facebook? If so there is a wonderful group called Big Up Your Blog with over 500 members. All bloggers and all interested in forming engaging connections and sharing post all over social media. It’s the best one I’ve found and I know have a huge number of new friends out if it. They run several social shout outs a week and two large ones over the weekend. If you are interested (there’s currently an open group open period where members can invite friends in) then link up on FB and I’ll link you in. Let me know if it’s something you might be interested in and I will bet 100% you know at least few already ?

    1. Thanks Gary 🙂
      I had a Facebook page for my website, but busy as I am already, deleted that. Focusing at blogging and connecting via WP is time consuming and well, this woman has a life besides writing too 😉
      The weekly increase of 4 to 5 followers, is already fantastic and to be honest, just the right amount for now.
      So, it’s for me more about the connection then the quantity of connections 😉
      But I am touched you think of me and very grateful of our connection, dear Gary. So thank you ! XxX

      1. No worries Patty. It was just an option if you might have been interested as we are encouraged to invite known bloggers into it to promote their blogs. You’ve got a solid weekly rate though by the sounds of it too ?

        Agreed re time consuming! Sometimes I just stay off things for a few days to recharge. Besides I’d never get any writing done if all I did was social media lol. X

        1. Well, since I learned the hard way I really need to prioritize, I can ‘t totally resonate with you. As much as I like, just can’t do it all. Till soon again, dear Gary. XxX

    1. My pleasure! Yes, me too. Value our connection, which has grown into a friendship a lot. Enjoy your day. Till soon 😉

  2. Thanks Patty for the kind mention of my post. Your practice of connecting and sharing is delightful – creating that web of heart lights is a powerful thing.

    1. My pleasure, dear Deborah. As I believe, and I am sure you do too…If we want change for the better, it starts with you and me, ‘ordinary’ neighbors on our planet. XxX

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