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When your own philosophies are tested…

When your own philosophies are tested, emotions as nervousness, frustration and fear could easily take control of your mind. Doubting everything you believe in, and thus stand for, could even lead to a total breakdown. Recently, this almost happened to me. Being a multidisciplinary guidance practitioner doesn’t make me less human; at times, I also need a listening ear and/or confirmation I am not crazy. Reassurance, I’m making the right choices.

Nowadays, I believe we human beings thrive best embracing the wisdom of our ancestors and of nature combined with the knowledge of modern technologies. It’s a lifestyle philosophy, which I build my personal world upon. However, beliefs can easily be shaken, especially if you have to make a life altering decision for a Beautiful Soul you deeply care about.

For me personally, some of the modern technologies are crossing ethical lines. Somehow, we seem to forget that we are, regardless of our phenomenal evolution as a species, human beings and not robots. Generally, we don’t know when our time is up, however, our life is not infinite. Death is part of the cycle of all life, including of that of us humans. Including of that of other animals.

When your own philosophies are tested…

Recently I had to decide whether or not to have a pacemaker implanted in our dog and that was not an easy decision. My husband is a bit more scientifically oriented and for him the logical decision was to possibly extend the life of our dog by 8 years, no matter how scary the procedure of implantation is. In my mind, thoughts like “but she (the dog) isn’t a robot” and “don’t we cross ethical boundaries by having this done?” Very doubtful and afraid of the unknown outcome; I didn’t find it so easy to choose.

Fortunately, my husband and I respect each other’s life philosophies and therefore understand exactly what beliefs could stand in the way of life altering choices. In situations as described, we go back to our core value integrity. In addition, our common main values: commitment, realism and love.

Patty and hubby

We vowed to take care of our dog together, through health and sickness. Aware of the possibility there could come a time having to choose her over anything else… time-wise and money-wise. Taking on the responsibility for a living creating means also making tough choices. Setting aside your own personal beliefs, when they do not serve your beloved one(s).

Life offers no guarantees

Human beings often have to take hard decisions about whether to, or no to, end other creature’s life. Prolonging or ending a life, to me, has to make sense. If implementing a pacemaker wouldn’t provide the chance our dog survived for more than a year, including being able to live life as natural as possible and thus being a dog to the fullest; both my husband and I would have made a totally different decision.

Ultimately, making tough decisions like these is about wanting guarantees. During anxious, stressful or sad times we look for someone or something to reassure us: humans operate from a place based on either fear or love. Life doesn’t offer guarantees and the only way, I truly believe, thriving is best done coming from a place of love. Keeping in mind, that we are no gods, magicians or robots and that life is finite, as it is intended by nature. At the same time, it is ok to embrace our evolution and thus the modern technologies of the 21st century.

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, I will have to cancel all online meetings/events , aside from the 80% is Psychology Webinars, until mid September 2019. Thank you for understanding. As always, you can reach me via email.

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7 Responses

  1. Knock on wood every day for the three of you 🙂 and you know Patty… I know I don’t have to say this to you… but I will do it anyway.
    Just because I know how tough some decisions are to make, aspecialy when it concernce your pet. And, knowing you for some time now, everybody knows that you’ve made such a difficult decicions with the most integrity you know.
    And hé… there will always be some people in this grazy world who probably will not of won’t understand what you went through.
    Luckely for Joy, she picked you as her caretakers 🙂 and hopefully life at least 8 more happy years with the both of you, knowing that you are doing the best that you can for her! xx

    1. Ah dear Helena. Yes, I know, however, really appreciate your support and kind words. This world and its creatures living upon it, do indeed make it difficult at times to stay true to yourself 😉
      Big hugs! And a fabulous weekend for you and your beloved ones. XxX

  2. I’m sorry to hear you had to make this decision. I know (firsthand) how hard it is to decide for another living being that you’ve assumed responsibility for. Sending you love and light through the process, no matter what occurs <3

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