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Is it all a matter of attitude?

Is it all a matter of attitude? Our world is in crisis and you have been living under a rock, if you haven’t noticed. Besides the weaknesses in global society already there, the virus now affecting the world globally, to me highlights most of all the lack of compassion and solidarity.

Not only a virus has changed 'our normal'.

The world was in crisis even before that. Climate change, partially because of nature’s flow, partially because of human’s foot print and thus impact. Resulting in melting ice, enormous forest fires, hurricanes and tsunamis. Differences on economic level, neighbors believing they are superior to their neighbors. Denial on individual base regarding health; increase of obesity, domestic violence, suicide, etc. Children dying of hunger. And those aren’t even all of our problems.


On top of all this, the world now has to focus on a virus that is impacting all of us. Like many, by order of the government, I stay at home as much as possible. Only for groceries, I leave our tiny village and to walk with our dogs, avoiding my neighbors the best I know how to. I rely on the experts regarding these kind of viruses, wash my hands after being outside my own personal world. In my unique way, supportive of those who need a listening ear during these, for many, scary and devastating times. 

Observing the actions of neighbors, the stories in the media, I find myself questioning the integrity of humanity again. We have developed a conscious, as human beings, it is what separates us from other living creatures. Integrity (in my view our common core value) plus that conscience enables us to know and differentiate between what is right and wrong. Per example, seeking to blame fellow human beings for what is happening in life individually and/or globally, is to me not the solution. Seeking answers together, supporting each other and thus being cooperative isn’t that still the better choice to make?


Unfortunately, we can’t control everything. We don’t have control over other people’s behavior, thoughts, perspectives, emotions, etc. Influencing everything that happens in life, we can’t either. Nobody is perfect and we are all trying to find a way to cope with this new normal. Understanding each others differences culture-wise isn’t always easy. We all come from a place of good intentions, in our own perspectives and I sometimes fail to see it too. When I don’t understand something, I do my best to seek understanding. However, sometimes, I too just don’t get it. At times, frustration and anxiety will take over my hope for, and faith in humanity.

Searching for the root cause of present problems can help prevent recurrence of the same problems in the future. Some problems take more time to resolve than others. Some problems can’t even be resolved. We just don’t always have a choice in what life throws at our path. At times, one just falls apart, gets frustrated, angry, sad, overwhelmed and even falls in a big hole. Maybe you have observed someone in your environment having a hard time coping with all that is happening in his/her life. Maybe you don’t know how to move forward yourself.

Compassionate attitude

I strongly believe we still have a choice how to deal with changes. We don’t have to like each other or the decisions made by others. However, we human beings need each other to thrive. Even if we don’t understand everything – the why, the what, the when – we do still have a choice to take responsibility for our own lives and our own direct environment. Showing compassion towards ourselves and others, is to me one of the keys to adjust to ‘new normals’. 

Regarding our global problems, what I can do on a individual level is listen to the experts. In addition, I can take responsibility for my own choices in life and be aware of how these decisions affect the globe I live upon. I can seek guidance when needed. I can offer help where I see a need.

So, is it all a matter of attitude? I believe it is. Yes, our normal has changed. The way how to go about it hasn’t. It is still about staying calm, safe and healthy. Being open-minded, non-judgmental and compassionate. 

For yourself, for your neighbors, for our world.

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