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Reflect upon your basic traits and evolve

Through experiences and gaining knowledge, it became very clear to me that we are always evolving. It’s even a necessity for our species. Growth will follow knowing your basic traits; reflect upon them in order to find meaning…

Reflect to Connect: Human Growth

In a previous post, I mentioned that counseling and coaching is nothing more than a conversation between people. In addition, I stated that ultimately it comes down to reflection. Based upon my own philosophy, I invited you to reflect upon your Human Needs.  

Besides survival, however, as human beings, we need to evolve. In others words; without growth we will, on both individual and collective level, become stuck and eventually even become extinct. Before you can find meaning and Connect to Life, to Others, to Yourself, knowing your basic traits will foster personal growth.

Therefore, I created this short video to help you reflect:

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Inspire each other...

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  1. A wonderful presentation, Patty. I certainly need to embrace what you have provided here. Your method is much better than many other more “sophisticated” approaches!

Let's Connect !

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Although I encourage you to Connect to Life, Others and Yourself, it is impossible to Connect to all and everyone. 
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