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Woop woop! Let’s rock and roll again!

Most of the plans I had for my annual year-end holiday, I adjusted. Also, some plans I had for my virtual home. So, without further delay… Woop woop! Let’s rock and roll again!

Vision, vision, vision

Instead of focusing on my virtual home and catching up on fellow bloggers, I decided to reflect again and followed the process of Lifebook. Although I didn’t sign up for their official program (found the content on YouTube), a large part of my holiday I spend writing down visions.

Twelve categories connected to life: The beliefs I have about the various areas in life, the vision I have for myself, the purpose and now I am working on strategies, to implement habits, actions, and so on, to realize my visions. It resulted in taking some tough decisions.

The choice to leave the drama of the past in the past, resulted in some purposeful disconnecting. That isn’t easy, however, hope is not a plan. Some things, some persons, will never change.

My virtual home

Last year, I initiated a collaborative project (Skilled Helpers Collaborative). As fun as it has been, it also took up a lot of my time. For now, I decided not to continue this project in 2022. In addition, I have ideas to use my guidance skills, here on my website, however, not in the traditional way. Still hope to collaborate again; most likely be more active on that later on this year again.

In addition, I have ideas to use my guidance skills, here on my website, however, not in the traditional way. Meaning I am not going to offer coaching/counseling packages and such. I did adjust some pages and if you want to grow on a personal level, the page ‘Core Connection‘ has all kind of tools to help you do that.

I will keep on writing and creating, sharing my personal perspectives, taste in music. The articles about our Universal Human Rights, the Soul Music posts will also stay. ‘Let’s get practical’ I plan to bring back, a way to continue sharing my skilled helping insights.

Connecting is, in my opinion, one of the three main purposes of human beings. I still love to do that, both on-  and offline. Inspiring my neighbors (and thus you as a reader) to Connect to Life, Others, Yourself will still be a goal. Living life on your terms, within the law, is the ultimate goal.

Offline world

Which brings me to my own goals. Thinking about my personal visions made me aware of the importance of realizing personal dreams. It looks like one big dream is coming true later on this year and more on that in another post. Don’t want to jinx it ; -)

I also became (painfully) aware, I was no longer walking my own talking. When you do that, you move away from the visions for yourself. Since I am the only one responsible for the choices I make and the actions I take, it is high time to step up again. 

Nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress-management and connection is going to be my main focus. The thoughts on that, the progress I make, the resources I believe are helpful, I will share with you. Hopefully, my experiences will be inspirational too. It is never too late to improve and start working towards the realizations of your visions for yourself! 

Happy 2022 !

This new year is 10 days old and I wish you a healthy, loving, peaceful, happy 2022! Looking forward to Connect with the regular visitors of my virtual home again and to welcome new readers. Hence, the title of this post: 

Woop, woop! Let’s rock and roll again!

What have you been up to during the holiday season? Any big plans for 2022? Did you made new year resolutions? Wrote something you want me to read? Are you also excited about this new year ahead? Also counting down the days Spring starts? Share below in the comment section and

Let’s Connect !

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8 Responses

  1. Awesome adjustment, Patty. I (we) don’t make New Years resolutions as such, but we do look at broadly what we need to do re the year ahead. For instance, we had new air conditioning installed today – hallelujah because Christmas was the hottest one yet and we have many more hot days to come.

    I did take a festive break and only worked for two days at the end re the New Year long weekend. Because it has been so hot since Christmas, I have been cooking dinner most nights outside in our pizza oven. All manner of creations too. Which also means Linda gets a break from the kitchen too.

    I suppose my big challenges ahead are sticking to the work life balance I have started the year off with at the moment and continuing with working on my health, which is going well right now, and of course preparing for our daughter’s wedding in September 😊😊😊

    1. Hi Sean !
      How about, I send you some freezing temperatures and you send me some warmer winds? And while you’re at it…send some of those pizza’s too! : -)
      Sounds you’re on a roll again, too. Fantastic! Thanks for visiting again and till soon. XxX

  2. Very uplifting post, Patty. I am curious to see the changes and keep following your blog.
    I’ve just read a post about “choosing a word for the year” instead of making resolutions (which I never do anyway). I am so on that right now, and am bursting with energy to keep going strong in 2022. Wishing you an excellent, amazing and beyond great year 😀

    1. Hi Samanta! Oh, yes…did that for several years too. Most of the time the word was ‘balance’ 🙂
      Thank you for the compliment and continuous support! Will hop over to your virtual place soon. The aim is this weekend. Big hug, XxX

      1. No rush ever, you know that. For some reason, I feel like we’re good, we come and go as we can, but never lose sight of one another.
        Balance is always a good word, too. Everybody needs a good balance in life 🙂

  3. Do you also listen to Mindvalley podcasts? That’s where I’ve heard of Lifebook. I never invested in the program, but everything that’s promoted is what I believe.

    As you probably know, I also believe in connecting with other human beings. To me, it’s ONE of the most important actions we can take, and connecting can mean many different things.

    Again, Happy New Year, Patty! You sound like a new person 😉

    1. No, I do not…. a day has to less hours, haha
      On the same page: it’s my belief Connection is, besides surviving and evolving, or most important activity and goal in life. And although it is possible to stay alive and grow without connecting, I think we will thrive more happily with connection. At the same time, be more selective about the connections….
      New person…hm, not sure. Maybe the same with new insights? 🙂

Let's Connect !

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