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Every now and then, there is an artist born who seems to have an old soul inside. To me, Angelina Jordan is such person. The reason, I chose this song for a new Soul Music post…

Good and bad

Not only due to her voice and musicality, also Angelina’s song writing confirm my thoughts. While I am currently in the process of turning my visions for my life into strategies (because else, they just stay visions), I also live my life. Chores, caring for husband and dogs, reading, trying out a new hobby, baking bread and all kinds of other stuff. 

The visions definitely made me realize, I need more time offline. Hence, I’m not going to be as active, here @ my virtual home, in comparison to previous years. Like Angelina wrote and sings: “Life is about the good and the bad”. The good, we have a lot control over to create it ourselves. The bad, well, probably not always. Fortunately, we have the power to choose how to deal with the bad. 

Angelina questions this, and I think that has most likely to do with her age, however, I am certain: ” Life’s just a memory. We come, we see, we go”. Better make the best of the brief time we get to spend here ; -)

Wishing you all a great weekend and hope you enjoy my pick of Music for the soul for this post.

Wat is life - Angelina Jordan


What is life?
Life is maybe going to school
Perhaps life is sittin’ at the piano
Playing beautiful songs

Maybe life is about creating paintings like my grandma
And life is perhaps a tear that’s stealthy in the night

What if life is lifting your hand to the sky
Up where the blue birds fly to get your love on time?
What if life means you and I
Shine like a stars in the darkest sky?

Maybe life is a warm embrace
From someone safe
Maybe life’s just a memory
We come, we see, we go

Feeding birds with my little sister
After all she’s the love of my life, life is beautiful
Love a life with all the good and bad
The good and bad

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Soul Connection

There are many ways to Boost Your Soul and music is a fantastic one. There are a variety of genres you can listen to, even Soul Music is a genre in itself. To me, music is also a way to Connect with your Soul. A tool to help you go through emotions and acknowledge them. Depending on your mood, there will be always a piece of art that goes along with it. What I love most about music is how it can Connect people. 

Inspire each other...

5 Responses

  1. Wow, Patty, inspiring, both Angelina and Jonna (the painting with natural materials). Fascinating! Hope to see some of your creations, some day (here, or where ever). XX

    1. Hi, dear Anuscka! Yes, it truly is fascinating : -) I noticed she’s using a binding material for the paint and sand and I am now experimenting with plaster and arrowroot, to hopefully make it even more natural : -)
      Sending a big hug up north, XxX

  2. It’s exciting you’re navigating your vision Patty, including devoting the time you need to it. Wishing you all the best!

  3. The bad ánd the good 🙂 I always turn it around… totally get what you wrote… goes for me aswell
    Have a great week! xxx

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