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Finally taking you on our journey (part 3)

Part 3 of finally taking you on our journey regarding our move back from Germany to the Netherlands. Winter had arrived, hence, this update will be a bit shorter…

January 2023

Starting the new year in a new environment, hoping to leave the ordeals (and disappointments) behind us. With renewed energy, and the weather still relatively warm for this time of the year, we started to tackle a few smaller projects. There is a little hill in our backyard and I wanted to remove the bushes on top of it:

Danja on the hill Jan 2023
Danja always happy to help.
Jan 2023 Danja helping in the garden
Danja helping to pull out a bush : -)

One day we were having lunch when I suddenly noticed a slight slope in the beam attached to the ceiling. My heart started to pound a bit faster and I think my husband almost got a heart attack. In previous posts (part 1 and part 2) I already mentioned the not so fun discoveries we had made this far, but this was truly a big scare…

Underneath the wood, we found a big steel beam. Fortunately, it is solid and it has been just a matter of wood coming off. Probably due to, again, method of construction applied. Since we already planned to change those beams, our hearts returned to their normal rhythms : -)

Meanwhile winter arrived and we started to design the future kitchen, I enrolled in a new study and we did all kinds of other activities suitable for this type of weather. Our smallest dog had lots of fun in the snow too, although I had to defrost him afterwards, haha. It always provides beautiful photographs, don’t you agree?

Winter Jan 2023
Jan 2023 Winter garden

February 2023

As beautiful the environment becomes underneath a layer of snow, it’s still not my favorite season. I was pretty happy the snow vanished quickly, and I could be more active outside again. Still a lot of materials from the previous owners of our plot to sort out…

Shelter garden Feb 2023

March 2023

With all the chores and such we had to do, February (which is already a short month) went by fast. I was already longing for Spring again, as always, and, also as always, I started the sowing season. Our Danja meanwhile chasing mice…

Danja Mice March 2023

It had taken us a while, but I think March was the month we finally started to feel at home.

Decoration home March 2023

Not knowing what the future still had in store for us…

Signature Patty in Heart

Next post: a life changing event… do we still live in our forever home? 

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  1. Finally I took the time te read…what a journey you two have made… wauw.
    Hope you are doing more then fine and hopefully in a place (this one or … who knowes) that feels as home xx

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