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Finally taking you on our journey (part 2)

In the previous post, I started to take you on our journey regarding the migration back from Germany to The Netherlands. Digging through all the photographs is quite the task, fun at the same time. Let’s quickly continue…

October 2022

During the month of October 2022, we did order the first container. We had agreed with the previous owners they could leave behind stuff. In addition, we also decided to downside, again, on our own belongings. 

Living close to the woods, we bought a new secondhand bicycle and I’m in love with the old looking design. Surrounding our plot, and on it, there are beautiful oaks and maples. One of the reasons we bought the piece of land. October is also the month of autumn. Many leaves needed to be cleared away ; -)

Hover over the photos and captions will reveal itself. Click on the photos for a larger view:

November 2022

As I mentioned in part 1, in September we encountered the first issue which wasn’t as minor as we were told. I’d dreamt about spending time in the garden-room; dining inside looking over our piece of land, reading and playing board games, studying, writing and other activities during rainy days and winter. 

Since the leak was not only more severe, but also in many more places across the roof, I had to let go of that dream for the time being. The plan was to renovate the garden-room, after we finished arranging the workshop. The space we dedicated for that, has been an apartment (attached to the main house) and my hubby was (and still is) very happy about it. It is dry; his tools will not rust and he can work in warmth on projects.

Another reason we bought this house were the solar panels on the roof and a pellet stove. After a few weeks with cold rainy days, we couldn’t stand the noises of that pellet stove any longer. The decision was quickly made to reconnect the other heating system. We discovered issue two…

To be able to reach the connections (gas and water) in the workspace for the second heating system, we had to remove the small kitchen. In addition, we found dangerous electrical situations. In the month thereafter, and still up to today, we kept finding dangerous electrical connections. 

While my husband was dealing with that, I took advantage of better weather conditions and started our vegetable garden. However, December was approaching fast and we still needed to prepare our pool for winter. The moveable roof-thing was enormous, heavy and to be honest ugly. It’s gone ; -) 

Hover over the photos and captions will reveal itself. Click on the photos for a larger view:

December 2022

Knowing about dangerous situations in the house, even power interruptions occasionally, I think you can understand the garden-room renovation descended on our to-do list. Especially when you discover this in another room:  


Seriously, there must have been used a whole package of glue/lute in an attempt to solve this. It is not that hard and expensive to exchange a drain pipe.
November and December were also months worrying about a beloved one and hospital visits. The beginning of 2023 that repeated itself unfortunately. By now (Aug 2023) the operations appeared to have been successful, recovery is still in progress. 


December is also the holiday-month, and we did enjoy the season. Grateful being back in The Netherlands, closer to family and friends. Despite the issues around the house, we were looking forward to a new year ahead…

More on the beginning of 2023 in the next post ; -)

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2 Responses

  1. Thank you for sharing Part 2, Patty. Wow, you both seem to have infinite patience with what you have dealt with and done. Removing the moveable roof regarding the pool was a good thing to do – just opens up everything for you.

    1. Thank you for reading 🙂 Well, patience is the challenge of my life, however, since we moved here, I’m learning a lot about acceptance. It is what it is – mindset. Definitely not an easy lesson 😉

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