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Connect to Life, Others, Yourself – New weekly posts !

My website is all about Connection. Even when it had other names and categories (Droomroedel, Dreampack, Be The Master Of Your Life) in the past, Connection was always the main purpose. I love to Connect with my neighbors on our globe and one of my personal interests has always been focused on the why people do what they do. Some call it philosophy, psychology or behavioral  science, etc. Ultimately, to me, it comes down to Connection to Life, Others and Yourself.

Connect to Life, Others, Yourself

The re-run of my Connection-series ended last week. So, as of next week, I am going to publish weekly – on Wednesday – a post regarding Connection to Life, Others and Yourself. The articles will cover my three main topics Life ConnectionSoul Connection and Core Connection

Life Connection

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Connect to Life – Life Connection – will be about nutrition, sleep, stress-management and exercise. A way for me to share my gained knowledge with you, dear readers.

Soul Connection

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Connect to Others – Soul Connection – so important for us human beings. Hence, my categories Other Beautiful PostsBoost Your Soul and Soul Music. In the weekly posts, I will focus on the ‘Others’. 

Core Connection

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Connect to Yourself – Core Connection – last, but definitely not least is this third section. Yes, it is also connected to your Soul, however, Core Connection is so important, I focus on it separately. On my website and in the weekly posts to come.

It's totally up to you

Since I do not like mail-lists myself, I don’t have a button to subscribe to such a list on my website. If you should subscribe to my website by email, you only receive updates of new posts I publish here. The weekly posts ‘Connect to Life, Others, Yourself’ is in a way a weekly newsletter. And I leave it up to you, if you are going to follow/read these 😉


Already excited myself about this new project and I can only hope you are too. Until the next post, or next week 😉

What’s right for me may not be right for you!

You are and will remain responsible for your own health, your own well-being, your own environment.

When in doubt about your physical and / or mental health, about your life, about specific food choices… A doctor, specialist, dietitian, nutritionist, therapist, or other caregiver may remove your doubts.

Inspire each other...

5 Responses

  1. Especially right now, it’s so important to keep the connection with everyone you know but also to make new connections. I’m sure there are too many people out there feeling lonely due to lockdowns around the world.

    1. Yes, I’m sure of it too. And there are so many fantastic initiatives out there, to reach out to those people.
      Thanks for connecting again, dear Nilla. XxX

Let's Connect !

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Although I encourage you to Connect to Life, Others and Yourself, it is impossible to Connect to all and everyone. 
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Hereby, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my virtual home! Connect with me personally via the comment section or visit my contact page.

Looking forward to Connect!

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Over a decade, I write and create, developing my virtual home into what it is today. Connecting on a global scale, aiming to inspire YOU to Connect. To Life, to Others, to Yourself.

Master (Life) Coach

Let us stop trying to convince one and another there is only one way to live. Instead, let us empower each other to find and live the lifestyle suitable to our uniqueness.
Acknowledging and embracing our differences, using them as strength to build meaningful Connections and a world upon which we can all thrive.


You Are NOT Alone !

Universal Human Rights

Stay Connected ; -)

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