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My Personal World – Summer Activities plus update

Previous post regarding My Personal World, I shared my activities in our garden during spring and summer. As promised, hereby a short overview about other summer activities. In addition, a decision I made regarding my blogging adventure…

Summer activities

Also this time, I will share the story with the help of photos and descriptions below them. Besides raspberries, I also stored strawberries in the freezer. Zucchini’s and tomatoes we ate as soon as ready. Due to many days with very hot temperatures, we haven’t been that active as we normally are in summer.

Update Blogging

For a while, I have been seriously thinking about quitting blogging. What started over a decade ago as a hobby, evolved into the virtual home as it is today. About four years ago, I switched to writing in English to be able to Connect on a global scale. That led to my journey in coaching and counseling, which I also applied @ this website.

At the beginning of this month, I mentioned my focus would be more on blogging again; skilled helping still a part of my creations, however, less prominent. That choice was made based on an itch to be more creative again, writing poetry for instance. Still with the intention to inspire my fellow humans to Connect to life, others, and themselves.

Being a Mimosa Pudica to the fullest, that decision started to nag. Assisting my neighbors to find their answers to their questions is too important to me. In addition, I want to accelerate reaching a personal dream, which developed during the last decade or so. 


Money, money, money

That’s what is, like for many things in life, needed to reach my dream. Continue living as I do now, it will take about four to five years. With a new plan in mind, I may be able to realize this dream of mine within two, max three years. When I accomplish that goal, I will elaborate about what this dream is 😉

For now, this means some changes will be made to my virtual home. From time to time you will start to see affiliate links to products or services that I think are beneficial to my readers. No worries, I also plan to continue to provide free resources to enable you, my dear followers, to Connect to Life, to Others, to Yourself. However, also paid materials and services will be published in future.*


Researching marketing tools and following some short courses the last couple of weeks , convinced me I can implement mentioned money-making tools in a way without compromising my uniqueness. Or that of my virtual home, this website. Per example, no newsletters: when you subscribe to receive updates of new articles per email, that is what you will get. No additional information, or advertisements. I’ll keep on aiming to inspire my neighbors to Connect to Life, to Others, to Yourself. That is and will stay the main purpose of my virtual home!

The Soul Music posts, the Visit Other Beautiful Souls posts, My Personal World updates, articles with my personal perspectives…it will all stay a part of my virtual creation. And if you would like to create an article and/or piece of art together, don’t hesitate to Connect.

Alright, enough about me! What did you think of my summer activities? And please do share, what you did this past season 😉

*as soon as all legal stuff is in order

Inspire each other...

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