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My journey from Dreampack to Connect…

A few days ago, I noticed ten thousand times my virtual home was viewed. Wow. It got me thinking about my journey from Dreampack to Connect… 


It is more than a number to me. Still, if just one neighbor is touched by my creations in a meaningful way, I reached my goal. At the same time, the acknowledgement of so many, is truly heartwarming and I am so grateful for this. It validates my belief, the virtual world can be a wonderful environment too. 

Another number that has been on my mind a lot, is my age. In a few months I hope to become 50. In the past, I have had more issues with becoming 31 and 41  (having crossed the big numbers in life) and therefore it was a strange awareness reaching 50 got to me so much. 

Believing that my journey so far has brought me right there where I need to be, I still do not regret anything. Oh wait, one thing I still regret to this day: having my long hair cut to a very short length when I was a young girl. Although, I have had different lengths since that day, never that short again. Mistakes are lessons, not something to regret ; -)

My upcoming birthday (June) has made me aware, I might be in the middle of my life. How do I want to be the next half? That question got me quite busy for a while. As a skilled helper (coach/counselor) going through my toolkit to help myself answer that question, I realized I needed to go deeper. Especially, when I long for more meaningful connections to Life, Others and Myself.


Blogging started for me about 15 years ago. Creating a Dreampack off- and online was the start, originally in Dutch, later on in English and I explored many topics. My journey from Dreampack to Connect, the latter expresses my perspectives of where I am at these days, has taught me many life lessons. As also the various studies I did.

Combining ancient wisdom with modern knowledge and technology is one of the tools I use to find the answers to my questions. When in doubt, the question ‘How do you know it is true?’… one of my favorite questions to ask, to make sure I do not limit myself. The most valuable technique to use, in my opinion, is root cause analysis. 

When it comes to living life to the fullest and dealing with the inevitable life’s struggles, having a clear vision regarding all areas in your personal life, is the best root cause analysis you can make. Knowing what you believe, what your values are and what you want in life (to be or to become)… Having that level of clarity is truly a game changer.


Up till now, I struggled with many, in my mind, rough questions. Connection to food, health, others and mainly the meaning of life. Writing down my personal visions about life, made me aware we humans like to overcomplicate matters. Everything we want, long for, wish for, pray for, we tend to search for somewhere else. Or blame someone else for not achieving our desires or our expectations not being met.

So many questions, so many views., right? The answers we mostly are looking for, can only be answered on a personal level. In other words: only you can know what lifestyle fits best. Wish for a more kind and peaceful world? Be kind and peaceful. Want a bigger car? Skip one or two vacations. Looking to lose weight… become healthy.

Life can be what you want it to be.

This year, I will reveal bit by bit my life visions and I hope to inspire you to live your life to the fullest. Whether you are here one more year, 15 or 50 years, creating your Dreampack is possible. All you need to do is Connect to Life, Others and Yourself.

Wishing you a fantastic new week to come, 

Signature Patty in Heart

Ps: do you have clarity on all you want to be, become and do in life? Let me know, inspire each other, in the comments below!

Inspire each other...

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  1. Do I have clarity on all I want to be, become and do in life? Wow, that’s not so easy to answer. First: I want to be myself. If I am not already that person, I hope to BECOME myself. For me an adventurous toolkit for helping me with this is Human Design. I have explored a lot of ‘self-investigating’ programs, but this really resonates with me. Feels like some pieces of the puzzle I havn’t recognized so far, are becoming more obvious to me now. How and why I do things, the way I do… I also finally understand why for me it felt like becoming 50 years of age was only the beginning…. (for you, it might be completely different, though). AND: so good to read how many neighbours from all over the world have visited your ‘Dreampack’ here! Congratulations, dear Patty! XX

    1. Thank you, Anuscka! Grateful you are one of those neighbors : -)
      Maybe these days, 50 is what used to be 40? Although, I truly hope younger people ‘awake’ earlier… Anyways, I am happy to read you’re finding your balance more and more too. XxX

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