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It all starts with a solid foundation

Without a solid base to be able to rely on, improving your Dreampack, or grow as a person, could be unnecessary challenging. Ensuring your basics are covered, will provide a solid foundation to build upon. Healthy food and beverages, shelter, structure, guidance, exercise, and mindset are the main building stones to start with for us humans.

Beverages and Food

These days there are various diets you can choose from, if you google you can find out for yourself which one fits best with you as a unique individual. At the moment (June 2018), Keto , Paleo, Alkaline, Whole30, Intermittent Fasting and Carb Cycling appear to be the latest trends. They are, however, not ‘new diets’ and all exist for decades. Maybe in a slightly different form, but searching for the perfect food regime has been done for many years.

Some basic tips to remember:

– Our species need both animal as vegetable nutrients.
– We are all unique individuals: what is good for me, might not be good for you.
– Consume as much organic, non-processed foods and beverages as possible.
– No stress! Every now and then a pizza, ice-cream, glass of wine (unless your physician forbids for medical reasons)… Enjoy it to the fullest!

Healthy nutrition leads to a good health in general, one of the most important stones building a solid foundation.

Shelter ~ Dreampack

An environment you feel safe and comfortable, whether permanent or flexible (e.g., traveling the world), is something we all need. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a warm, dry and solid place to shelter. Besides figuring out and subsequently creating a Dreampack for yourself, supporting your neighbors to enable them to do so too, I truly hope you also think about.

We tend to believe creating a Dreampack is connected to huge amounts of money only. Volunteering to help (re-) build a house for a neighbor, buying and using products less harmful for our big Dreampack to construct your home… A few examples which can make a huge impact.

Creating a solid foundation for yourself, will lead to a solid foundation for us all.

Guidance, structure, exercise

As much as many of us refuse to admit to this fact, we human beings need each other. Of course, at times it can be very healthy to retreat from the world around us. Some of us even prefer solitude on a regular base, that doesn’t mean such person is crazy. However, naturally we are social animals and we thrive better together. It’s up to you which Beautiful Soul(s) you include in your Dreampack, but seeking guidance, leaning on each other, nothing wrong with that.

An important need we also tend to underestimate is the duration of sleep each one of us thrives better on. A night of 8 hours sleep, on average, is a number to strive for. Our bodies need time to digest and process everything we do throughout the day. Moving around, eating, using our brains: internally, these processes are using a lot of energy. Providing ourselves enough rest, structural, is another key building stone.

Exercise is not only healthy for your body, it’s also very healthy for your brain. Walking at least 20 minutes a day, preferably outside, is a way to reduce stress. Almost any exercise will help you relax, don’t underestimate the power of it.

A health-coach, a fitness-coach, a life-coach, or any other coach matching your specific needs, can guide you to improve your overall foundation. A good coach won’t tell you what to do, but helps you implement the stones of YOUR choice.


As far as I know, only consuming healthy food will just lead to a temporary improvement of your health. That’s why following a diet of your choice, without moving your butt won’t do the trick. Committing yourself to a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge and another piece of the puzzle I discovered, which can help you to create that solid foundation:

Habits. Start slowly with implementing one small adjustment for the better and stick to it for at least twenty-one days. Reduce your sugar intake, start walking for 20 minutes a day,  whatever you can think of as an improvement for yourself… Turn it into a habit and it will increase your health. Both physically as mentally.

Finding the balance, which is right for you as a unique individual, may not seem easy, and it will not always be, however I believe it is possible! Don’t hesitate to reach out to someone for guidance, dare to depend on your gut instincts either: deep down you know your truth.

We all deserve a Dreampack. Start building your foundation today!

Patty Wolters
Master Coach
A way Beautiful Souls thrive


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  1. Looks like my basics are in a good state of being. A brush with a slight injury has been met with sensible recovery planning (the Universe telling me how and my doing the what.)

    1. Hi dear Gary. That doesn’t surprise me at all, knowing your age and how active you still are: both physical as mentally. Yes, being spiritual is absolutely a huge part of health too. Hugs! XxX

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