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Lets Connect Together! Week 4

Can you believe we are already in the 4th week of March 2021?! Did you accomplish your goals of last week? Time to reflect and set some new ones… Lets Connect Together! Week 4…

Lets Connect Together! Week 4...

I don’t know about you, however, I am so done talking about new ideas and intentions without also implementing them. In addition, since I believe in meaningful connections possible online too, I figured writing about my plans could inspire you to start taking action too. That is what Lets Connect Together is all about: sharing our plans to inspire AND to hold each other accountable. Not only do we support each other this way to keep Connecting to Life, Others and (Y)Ourselves, we also do it meaningfully ; -)


week ago, I did set a goal for my virtual home. While I was gathering some information for the form, which I need to add to a new page, doubts started to build into my mind. “Is this really the right way forward?” is something I always seem to get back to the moment I start to create something new. 

We all second guess ourselves at times, I’m no different. The feeling of not being good enough, wanting to be perfect, etc. can make you truly feel insecure. Fortunately, I learned to recognize this within myself and for me personally, its best to just take time off from, in this case, the project. Reflect upon the purpose of the goal I did set and if the desire really did vanish. 

Also reflecting upon my values and the reminder of a wise lesson I once read: “Just do right” (from the grandmother of Maya Angelou), plus knowing I always have a choice, made me realize that yes, I want to move forward with this new page, however, I also want to increase the focus on my original purpose of this website: to let the lonely Beautiful Souls in our world know they are not alone.

My Connection to Food is improving, still room for more ; -) And on the moving more department, yep, that is not quite there yet too. 

Goals for week 4

Now I re-connected with my purposes, the plan is to go full speed ahead creating new items here on my virtual home. In addition, this week its time for another Skilled Helpers Collaborative article; time to start compiling the (and they are good again!) contributions, so I can publish upcoming Friday. 

Habits, habits, habits. When it comes down to my connections to food and movement, I need to set some new habits. It has been scientifically proven that willpower will not lead to lasting change for the better. Creating new healthier habits is the key to becoming a healthier version of myself. Depending on your uniqueness, you can go ‘cold turkey’ or slowly implement new habits. For me personally, step by step has proven to work better. Per example: want to use less sugar? Start by decreasing one teaspoon of sugar in each cup of tea. Or stop using salt during cooking and use more variations of herbs.

Next week, I will add some pictures again of my seedlings, mentioned in the second week of this goal setting series. They are really going strong, woop woop!

Your goals?

Above some of my goals for week 4 of March. How did your previous week go, goals related? Did you set goals? Did you accomplish them? And what about this new week ahead? 

I’ve received wonderful comments and emails so far regarding this new item on my virtual home. Hereby, I would like to thank those Beautiful Souls for playing along!

Connect with me; share your plans in the comment section (or privately via email) and Lets Connect Together !

Inspire each other...

7 Responses

  1. My previous week’s goals are ticked off. This week, I decided to organize them a bit on my phone, so I can keep a better record of what I intended and how it’s now going 😉

    1. Woop Woop! Excited you achieved your weekly goals 🙂 And that is a great way of keeping track of your intentions. Will visit your virtual home soon again, dear Katherin. Thanks for staying connected! XxX

  2. Hi, Patty: Dr. G. just sent me your link, based on my most recent post this morning, and mentioned that our goals appear to be similar, so suggested that I check out your blog. I’m happy to ‘meet’ you here.
    Warm Regards,
    -Shira Destinie Jones

      1. She totally is!

        Thank you for welcoming me so warmly into your virtual home, Patty, and I look forward with great anticipation to your visit: I’ll have the soy hot chocolate ready for you, if you like?

        Very warm regards,
        and Stay safe,

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