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Other Beautiful Posts – Covid-19, Beat and books

It has been a while, again, since the last Other Beautiful Post and today I am going to ask acknowledgment and thus your support for various Beautiful Souls…


Acknowledgement is more important than you might think. It is not about approving, it’s about empowerment and showing appreciation. Virtual social platforms are perfect for that. In addition, for me, it is also about staying aware of the fact that we all human beings, striving to thrive, each in our unique way. Seeking understanding for each others differences, can only lead to a more peaceful world for us all.

Therefore, I hope you challenge yourself to keep reaching out to and Connect with Beautiful Souls out there. Don’t hesitate to link a Beautiful Post you created, or did read, in the comments below.

The Covid-19 mRNA Vaccines by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, PhD

The first post I would like to share is written by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, PhD. 
So much information about Covid-19 and, like Dr. Sarah, I can understand you might hesitate to get vaccinated. Fortunately, this Beautiful Soul has taken the effort to write a thorough article. Although, it is USA orientated info, I can assure you the main message applies to us all. Hopefully, this helps you make a better informed decision for yourself and the Beautiful Souls you are responsible for.

Read the article here: CLICK and if you like more scientific based information about nutrition, make sure to follow her via one of the various options there are. It is my personal go-to resource regarding healthy food for us human beings.

The Challenge of a Lifetime by Kat from Maybe Mindful

It is not the first time I share a post written by Kat. This Beautiful Soul studies Mindfulness and regularly shares her latest insights and new research. However, this time Kat asks us to support her to accomplish a challenge she set for herself. A snippet from here post:

“So this year, I have signed up for my first ever skydive! I am skydiving for Beat to raise funds to support them in the amazing work they do for people living with eating disorders, their promotion of eating disorder research, their support for family and friends of eating disorder sufferers, and their campaigns to spread eating disorder awareness and reduce eating disorder stigma worldwide. Do I think it will be terrifying? Yes. Do I think it will be challenging? Yes. Do I think it will be worth it? ABSOLUTELY! I have conquered the desert and now I am taking on the skies!”

Read the full article here: CLICK or donate and thus support Kat directly here: CLICK

Hammer, Sickle & Broom by Dr. Gulara Vincent

This book I still need to purchase myself too, however, I have been connecting online with Gulara for many years and thus also familiar with her work. So without even have read it myself, I have no doubt whatsoever this book will be a very good read. Support this Beautiful Soul and buy the book here: CLICK

Oh, and in case you could use help relationship-wise, you can reach out to Dr. Gulara here: CLICK

Respondability by Rika Cossey

Another book I am going to ask your attention for. Rika Cossey is a Coach, Writer, Speaker and Trainer for climate-conscious change. In addition, she is part of the Skilled Helpers Collaborative here at my virtual home. She recently finished her book Respondability. I did take her course, joined a workshop and did also purchase this book. Anxious, concerns, fears or any other emotions regarding climate change? Then this is THE book for you! Support Rika and her work here: CLICK or visit here website here: CLICK

With above shout-outs and the hope you acknowledge the Beautiful Souls mentioned, I wish you a wonderful weekend. Keep Connecting to Life, to Others, to Yourself 😉

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