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Often, I do research via Google. More often, however, I seem to scroll through YouTube. A more visual information resource platform. And of course also very handy to take some necessary rest…


Acknowledgement is more important than you might think. It is not about approving, it’s about empowerment and showing appreciation. Virtual social platforms are perfect for that. In addition, for me, it is also about staying aware of the fact that we’re all human beings, striving to thrive, each in our unique way. Seeking understanding for each others differences, can only lead to a more peaceful world for us all.

Therefore, I hope you challenge yourself to keep reaching out to and Connect with Beautiful Souls out there. 

Dutch inventions you never knew were Dutch

by Casey Kilmore

Today, I am sharing a video created by Casey Kilmore. Just as on other social media platforms, YouTube has a personalized newsfeed page. I can’t remember what I was searching for, the video from Casey popped up. From The Netherlands myself, some of those inventions were a surprise to me too!

Did you know? And do you know about inventions from your home country? Connect with me and share in the comment section below!

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Inspire each other...

7 Responses

      1. Thanks Patty
        I am back with a bang
        I was not well for quiet some time with his grace I am back
        Hope you will like and comment on my latest ones
        Please give me the link of your posts Is
        should read
        All is well dear

        1. Glad you’re still with us. Will put you back on my reading list for sure. Busy times, however will visit asap and provide you with link.
          Sending a big hug, till soon. XxX

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Although I encourage you to Connect to Life, Others and Yourself, it is impossible to Connect to all and everyone. 
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